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Birthday Portraits – Celebrate each birthday year with a photo session

Birthday Photography: Your New Family Tradition

Everyone agrees that birthdays are special. But there’s a couple of problems. Birthdays only come once a year, so it doesn’t seem fair to let that special day slip away so fast. If only there was a way to preserve that moment in time.

There is! Thanks to our professional photography services, you don’t have to let your child’s special day become just a memory. Why not plan an unique photo opportunity that celebrates your child’s important day in style? You’ll have a tangible reminder of that moment in your child’s life that you can share and cherish forever.

No Time for Pictures?

Birthday parties are hectic. It’s hard to keep track of all the things that must be done, all the guests, and your birthday child, too. Who has time to take birthday photos when there’s food to serve and spills to wipe up? Maybe you want to skip the noise and the mess of a party altogether, but don’t want to miss out on those precious birthday memories. We’ve got you covered!

Start a new tradition on your child’s next birthday by hiring Sereia Photography for beautiful birthday portraits to celebrate your child’s birthday! We’ll help you arrange the perfect setting to capture your precious one, leaving you with treasured keepsake portraits for years to come.

Cool Ideas for Birthday Portraits

  • Choose a photo session on location for exciting and unique results. Having your child’s birthday portraits done at your home, on the beach, or in a favorite park results in unforgettable birthday portraits in meaningful locations. Choose photos with just your child or have a celebratory photo session with the whole family. The choice is yours!
  • Set the mood with a special birthday photo session in the studio. We’ll set up the best shots with beautiful lighting, fun backgrounds, props, and the perfect poses. Bring your imagination and even some of your own props for a personalized photographic experience.
  • Have a dress-up photo session! Encourage your child to wear a special costume or favorite fancy outfit to show off their unique style. Whether your birthday pictures are done on location or in our studio, you’ll get amazing portraits to remember your child’s interesting fashion sense and personality.
  • Plan a themed birthday portrait session. Let your child go solo or have parents and siblings join in the theme for a one-of-a-kind photo shoot with all of your child’s favorite things. What about pirates, superheroes, or characters from a favorite book series or television show? Decorate your house, yard, or the park to match your theme and help bring the experience to life. Make goofy faces, play it serious, or just let everyone act naturally. Your options are limitless and your portraits will be incredible reminders of your child’s awesome day of birthday magic and make-believe fun with the family.
  • Here’s a neat idea for food-loving kids. How about a trip to Corvette Diner for a 1950s-style atmosphere and great burgers? If sweets are your kid’s dream, try a birthday portrait session at Crรจme and Sugar. Does your kiddo like picnics at the park instead? No problem! No matter your child’s favorite eatery or outdoor lunch location, we’ll be sure to capture the perfect bite of their favorite birthday foods and the biggest smiles on your child’s special day. How fun to see what foods your child loved on each of his or her birthdays through the years!
  • Have a photo session at the same place each year to keep a pictorial record of your child’s growth on each birthday. What an amazing way to show your child’s development, personal style, and personality at each stage. And why stop when your little one turns eighteen? Keep the tradition going to include their kids and their kids and so on!

Don’t miss another special moment. Book your session today!

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  1. I love all of your ideas for birthday portraits! So unique and fun! I wish you were around to capture my birthdays ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽŠ

  2. What a great family tradition to have birthday portraits every year! Love the point you made to have the session reflect the child’s favorite things!

  3. What wonderful ideas for birthday sessions! And also… omg that cutie pie in the photo!! Love this post!

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