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    5 Best Beaches to Photograph in San Diego

    5 Best Beaches to Photograph in San Diego Planning on going on to San Diego for a vacation or family event? Interested in doing a memorable photo session while in San Diego? Well, you have picked the perfect city and we know how to make wonderful memories for you to have as a keepsake. The […] More

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    Photo Before and After Editing

    Custom photography is more of a luxury product than your entry level cookie cutter photography chain store experience. Custom photography is about art, professionalism and client service. When you decide to invest with Sereia Photography, you’re investing in a lifetime experience. In order to achieve beautiful final images, we carefully photograph and edit your photos. You will see […] More

  • San Diego Professional Photographer

    San Diego Professional Photographer

    Boost self-esteem with professional photography Sereia Photography is a San Diego professional photographer who has been photographing children and families for over a decade now and we have seen first hand the positive impact of professional photography by our clients’ reactions when they receive their photos. Researchers say there is a relationship between high self-esteem […] More

  • 10 Tips for a Successful Photo Session with Children

    10 Tips for a Successful Photo Session with Children

    Portrait Photography Tips Getting a great family portrait can sometimes feel like a tricky endeavor. There are so many things to consider and you have to get your family to participate. You’ve started by doing your search for the best professional photographer in San Diego and come up with seemingly endless results. After your research, […] More

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    Why buy printed photos form your photographer?

    Have you ever purchased digital images from your photo studio San Diego only to be completely disappointed when you got the images printed from your local retail store and hung them on your wall? You’re not alone. Let me tell you a story: Once upon a time, we shot some beautiful photographs for a client […] More