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  • Happy Birthday Photos
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    Birthday Portraits

    Birthday Portraits – Celebrate each birthday year with a photo session Birthday Photography: Your New Family Tradition Everyone agrees that birthdays are special. But there’s a couple of problems. Birthdays only come once a year, so it doesn’t seem fair to let that special day slip away so fast. If only there was a way […] More

  • Wild One Birthday

    Wild One Birthday

    Where the Wild Things Are “Wild One birthday” Cake Smash themes are the cutest! You can go all out with a variety of props and cute signs or you can choose to have a more simple one. Either way, they are super fun and really wild! What’s your favorite style? SaveSave SaveSave More

  • What is a Cake Smash?

    What is a Cake Smash?

    Simply put: A smash cake is a small cake (size 5 or 6 inches) made just for the birthday guest of honor do whatever they want or choose. My job is to create a super cute setup to photograph all the giggles, reactions and cute expressions of the baby destroying his/her birthday cake. This is the […] More

  • Smash Cake Ideas

    Smash Cake Ideas

    What do you do when your child’s birthday is one day, but the party is another day? You do a Cake Smash! You can do your own at home or you can hire Sereia Photography to create a super cute setup to register this very important milestone. Some parent use these adorable photographs to decorate […] More

  • Snoopy Cake Smash

    Snoopy Cake Smash

    Sebastian’s Snoopy Cake Smash was a success! He did not care to eat his cake, but we were still able to capture some super cute photos of him smashing it! Sometimes babies at this age are not too sure if they like cake or not because they probably have never really seen one before. Some […] More

  • Cake-Smash-Photo-Session-in-Studio

    Cake Smash Photo Session in Studio

    I think Cake Smash Photo Session Studio are my favorite sessions to photograph! Why? Because I love to see babies celebrating their birthdays by smashing their first birthday cake in my studio, it’s so much fun to watch and to capture their little expressions, curiosity, and reactions! Also, I love planning and setting up the […] More

  • Cake-Smash-in-studio-La-Jolla

    Cake Smash in studio La Jolla

    Someone is turning 1! What a great way to celebrate this huge milestone with a Cake Smash Photo Session. She is such a sweet and adorable baby. She loved to sing the Happy Birthday song. To get her to touch the cake, Mom added some cereal puffs on top of it. Such a clever idea! Our Cake Smash […] More

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    Smash Cake Photos – San Diego Photographers

    We have the great pleasure to offer the ultimate, creative, messy and fun experience of all, known as “Smash Cake Photo Sessions” – a professional photo session that focuses on the child’s first interaction with a birthday cake, usually done around the baby’s first birthday where super cute Smash Cake Photos are created. This type of […] More