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As a San Diego family Photographer, each session brings on its joys and challenges. I recall one, not too long ago, during the time I spent in Brazil. I had planned this shoot to be on this fisherman beach, which was the perfect setting! Fantastic bright colors of all the fishermen’s boats, the beach and Rio De Janeiro Mountains as the backdrop. Just perfection!

This wonderful family drove with me to the beach location; we had decided on this spot in advance months ago. Their youngest son was very talkative in the car and he just wanted to talk about horses and other farm animals, basically he had no business at the beach. I could see and hear in his voice how passionate he was about the animals. He was so adorable! But in my mind I was thinking, maybe we should have picked a different place.

As we arrived, all of us got out of the car and walked down to the beach; we didn’t get far, the heavy winds were blowing sand in our eyes. All of us ran back to the car for cover. As we got into the car, I was thinking “Now what?” I have rescheduled this shoot four to five times now and I was running out of time. Meanwhile their little boy wanted his dad to tell him a horse story as we drove off the location. Then the dad had this incredible idea, “Why don’t we drive out to the small farm? We are out there almost every day, it shouldn’t be windy out there and our son will have a blast!”

I was so happy, what a great thought, most of my photo shoots are on the beach, which I love, but I was eager to try something new. Mom on the other hand wasn’t too excited to have the shoot at the farm. I can understand, the farm was not very pretty and colorful compared to the beach, but it had this quaint look full of beautiful animals! I said, we couldn’t go wrong with that, so I suggested we could do half of the session at the farm and then the next morning finish it up at the beach. She agreed, but we ended up doing the whole session at the farm.

Both mom and son were happy with the compromise; we got amazing shots and all the photos came out better than expected. As is evident on the pictures, it was a joyous moment! Mom was super happy and pleased with the outcome, and so was I!

If you and your San Diego family are thinking of unique locations for photo sessions, think out of the box. This lovely family has proven that there are plenty of other options, not just the beach, where most people want to go. We can definitely plan something unique for your family photos!

Are you looking for your next family memories to savor for years to come? Well, our styled family, children or beauty Photo Sessions in San Diego can do just that. Feel free to contact me at my office or email me your request, I will be happy to make your next trip to San Diego a memorable one.

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