Simply put: A smash cake is a small cake (size 5 or 6 inches) made just for the birthday guest of honor do whatever they want or choose. My job is to create a super cute setup to photograph all the giggles, reactions and cute expressions of the baby destroying his/her birthday cake. This is the best way to celebrate and register a baby’s first birthday!

Cake Smash Sessions are done in my studio and they are my all-time favorite!

What’s Included in a Cake Smash Session?

  • One Styled Setup (balloons, banners, available props) to match your baby’s outfit and theme
  • The Cake (I provide the cake, as long as your baby has no food allergies)
  • One Bubble Bath Setup
  • Online preview gallery

We will work really hard to source and create a super cute setup for you baby smash cake session! You are welcome to request any available props from the studio. Parents are welcome to bring their own props if they have a special theme in mind! All details like the theme, color scheme and outfits will be discussed in a pre-consultation call.

My 3 Step process to photograph a Cake Smash:

Step 1: We photograph the baby in the cute scenario before introducing the cake. This serves as a little warm up to get the baby comfortable with the studio and the camera. Another reason is that there is a 5% chance that the baby may not like the cake. This ensures we will have a handful of beautiful photos of this important milestone. We encourage parents to bring two outfits: one cute look for before introducing the cake and a diaper cover/tutu skirt for the cake smash itself.

What is a Smash Cake?
What is a Smash Cake?

Step 2: We introduce the cake and the fun begins! It is super cute to register all the cute faces and expressions as the baby tries cake for the first time!

What is a Cake Smash?
What is a Cake Smash?

Step 3: Bubble Bath: this is a great way to end a Cake Smash Photo session because it washes off all the mess and most importantly it’s fun and relaxing for the baby! And we get tons of giggles, smiles and water splashes!

What is a Cake Smash?
What is a Cake Smash?

What product should I get with a Smash Cake Photo Session?

Most of our clients purchase a Photo Album or a Print Board that comes in a beautiful white frame, ready to hang on your baby’s nursery wall.

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  1. The backdrops are adorable,! Makes me wish I had done a session with you when my boys were babies! I would definitely recommend this to my friends!

  2. What an amazing collection of images. Love the stylized sets and the fun this little one is having is so palpable!

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