High School Senior Photos San Diego Wild Flowers: This High School Senior Photo Session was done in one of my favorite spots to photograph in San Diego. I love photographing here because there a few different scenarios to work with and at this time of the year, wild flowers are popping everywhere we go!

High School Senior Photos San Diego Wild Flowers

High School Senior Photos San Diego Wild Flowers

Photographing seniors is so special to me because it reminds me when I was in high school. It is such a special time in a person’s life and I was really happy to be able to capture beautiful photos of this beautiful girl here in San Diego.

High School Senior Photos San Diego Wild Flowers

We drove to this other location on our way back home where I knew there were yellow flowers everywhere. I finished the photo session here at Scrips Coastal Reserve Biodiversity Trail in La Jolla.

High School Senior Photos San Diego Wild Flowers

Super Bloom Phenomena

These yellow flowers popping everywhere are due to the super bloom phenomena that is happening in California right now. This is because of all the rain we got a few months ago. The flowers on these photos are called Brittlebush Encelia californica. These bright yellow flowers are member of the daisy family. They bursts into bloom with hundreds of blossoms on a single bush. I just can’t get over all this natural beauty. Such a treat to the eyes.

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    1. Me too! So beautiful out there right now to photograph in San Diego with all these wildflowers popping everywhere!

    1. Thank you Heather, I agree with you! Photographing High School Seniors in San Diego is perfect because there are so many amazing locations!

  1. My OH My…these are gorgeous! I love the styling, posing and that location is to die for. Great job!

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