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This beautiful Maternity session was photographed by San Diego Beach Photographer Daniela Larsen at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA.

Planning a Great Family Beach Photo Session

Natural family photo sessions are some of the best ways to capture the precious moments of family life. Like freezing time, these types of family photos capture a moments in life where family members can freely enjoy interacting with the people they love. While some families choose the standard portrait photographs, there has been an increasing trend to create family photo shoots in locations where the family can enjoy themselves together in a more natural environment setting. Most of these locations are picturesque outdoor spots where a professional photographer can capture special moments in beautiful natural environments.

One of the most picturesque outdoor locations for family photo shoots come from Beach Photography sessions. Beach photo sessions are a great way to help establish a natural environment that is very diverse, beautiful and offers a wide-open area for family enjoyment to be captured.

San Diego Beach Photographer

For local families that are looking for high quality San Diego Family portraits, a beach photo session can be the perfect opportunity to bring about some of the happiest moments captured on camera. These photographs are wonderful for capturing family memories.

San Diego Beach Photographer
San Diego Beach Photographer

San Diego Beach Photographer Tips

  1. Pick a good location – This is important because some beaches are not particularly good for photo shoots because of the crowds. Many beaches have times when they are less occupied with beachgoers. This allows for less background interference for photographs. During the week and off-season times are best to avoid heavy crowds.
  2. Bring Items Specifically for Your Children – If your children love beach toys, this is the time to bring them so they can be photographed in action. No matter how old a child is, they usually love playing at the beach! Both younger and older kids enjoy building sand castles. Older kids enjoy frisbee or beach ball, while the younger kids will love just playing with sand.
  3. Beach Towels Are a Must – Even if  you don’t intend to get wet, beach towels are a good idea to have because the wind and weather can be unpredictable. Having beach towels for the kids can ensure they wont be cold if they get a little wet.
  4. Bring Snacks – It is always a good idea to have snacks on hand. This helps so kids don’t get fussy or cranky if they get a bit hungry.
  5. Dress Appropriately – Certainly people can dress in typical beach attire if that is the kind of photo shoot you are looking for. However, for a good family portrait it is advisable that long dresses be worn. Pastel colored or white Long Dresses for girls and women are good choices. Bright or busy colored prints are not recommended because they can detract from the power of the photos. For men and boys, khaki slacks with white shirts is usually a great choice. It is also advisable to bring extra clothing choices in case they are needed.
  6. Young Children Schedules and Routines – For families with younger children, be mindful of their daily schedules when selecting a photo session time. Nap time and snack time schedules can be adjusted by parents quite successfully if planned right. Ignoring their routines usually spells trouble. Working into a new schedule for a few days prior to the photo shoot, can be especially important. This will help ensure younger children are not cranky or fussy during our time together.
  7. Time of Day for The Photo Shoot – There are two times of day that are best for photo shoots on the beach. For perfect beach lighting, early morning and later afternoon are best. One of the most popular times is known as the “Golden Hour”. This is the hour to hour and a half before sunset when the hues of colors are softest. These two times of day offer the best warm light and create longer shadows which can create a stunning dramatic effect. The “Golden Hour” as known by professional photographers, creates perfect lighting effects on portraits. The golden light at this time of day warms the photographic appearance on people, landscapes, the sea and the sky. This allows a photographer an abundance of creative possibilities for stunning pictures. Consideration will be made for high and low tide to make the timing at a particular beach enhanced for a good overall setting.
  8. Beach Safety – While beaches are some of the most beautiful places in the world, there are safety concerns and hazards that all families should be aware of. San Diego beaches are known to have rogue waves, rocky reefs, currents and rip-tides which can be very dangerous as well as paying attention to ocean wildlife. Photo shoots on beaches without lifeguards or signs posted for safety guidelines should be limited and children should always be closely monitored. Additionally, moss and seaweed on rocks can be slippery. Caution should be made for sharp objects on the sand. Arriving a few minutes before the photo shoot allows for time to set up and examine the best spots for the photograph session.

Final Notations For Creating A Successful Photo Session

Families are encouraged to plan on enjoying a fun time interacting as naturally as possible. Any games, books or music the family enjoys that is beach appropriate are welcomed and great additions for a photo opportunity. It will be important to allow me to interact with naturally with everyone including children while they play on the beach. Photographs of children being themselves allows their true personalities to be captured and the smiles are very genuine and warm. It is important for family members to know they don’t need to smile for every photograph. Most often when family members are enjoying their time naturally, the smiles flow readily and make great photographs. This should be a relaxing and fun time for everyone.

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  1. I love this beautiful session! The clothes and color choices were on point and the family looked wonderful with the beautiful beach as their backdrop. Nice work!

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