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Boost self-esteem with professional photography

Sereia Photography is a San Diego professional photographer who has been photographing children and families for over a decade now and we have seen first hand the positive impact of professional photography by our clients’ reactions when they receive their photos.

Researchers say there is a relationship between high self-esteem and family photos. Some professionals who have studied the effect of photography on people suggest this perception. The self-esteem definition is your general sense of self-worth. Wrapped up in self-esteem are your feelings about your appearance, emotions, and ways of behaving and connecting.

San Diego Professional Photographer
San Diego Professional Photographer

Printed Photos Help Young Children

In a 1975 study, Tulane University gave some Tennessee fourth graders Polaroid cameras to take photos of themselves. The researchers found that the children’s self-esteem increased on average 37 percent after they saw the images of themselves. At the direction of the leaders of this photography project, included in the children’s activity was for them to make scrapbooks.

David Krauss, a psychologist in Cleveland, says that when children see themselves in family pictures, they feel included and loved. As a San Diego family photographer, it is our job to capture beautiful photos of families, create memories and illustrate the value and importance of a family unit in beautiful photography.

Some psychologists suggest that coming up with creative ways to display photos is a good way to achieve high self-esteem. Psychologists also suggest putting a family photo in your child’s bedroom so that when going to bed and when rising for a new day your child is reminded of her value and sense of belonging.

San Diego Professional Photographer
San Diego Professional Photographer

Photos Projects to Engage Families

Coming up with a way to display your photos is a great way of involving all members of your family in a fun creative project. Here are a few we suggest:

  1. A photo display wall of family pictures of immediate relatives can help teach your children about connections and love. There are many ways you can create a photo wall display. You can use different shape and color frames, add some graphics to the mix and cover a whole wall.
  2. Scrapbooking is a super fun project to do with children. Buy a scrapbook, some stickers, fun tapes, ribbons and start adding colors, textures, and personalities to your scrapbook album! I have done a few scrapbooks with my daughter and she absolutely loves decorating each page.
  3. Time Line: At my daughter’s elementary school, one of the first-grade projects was to create a timelinewith 1 photo that represents every year since they were born until their current age. I had no idea how exciting this project was going to be for her to see her own photos on the wall since she was a baby. She was so proud and she was very inquisitive to know every detail of each individual photo in her timeline. It was really cute and such a fun way to go back in time. When she brought it home from school, we framed it and hung on her bedroom wall.
  4. Photo Albums can also be a beautiful way to display your photos on a coffee table or on a bookshelf. Be sure to put it in a place where it is easily accessible so children can flip through the images at any given time.

Sereia Photography – San Diego Professional Photographer

We highly recommend registering every important phase of your children’s lives with photography. Children any age, all the way through their senior year in high school will benefit from a professional photography session. We, as photographers, will put every effort into enhancing their sense of self-worth by making them look as natural as possible by suggesting the best outfit for their bodies, the best location that fits their lifestyle and edit the images in a way that brings out their natural essence and personalities. We are professional San Diego photographers who know how to light and pose our subjects to get beautiful images. We make our clients feel safe and at ease helping each individual to look natural in every photo.

San Diego Professional Photographer
San Diego Professional Photographer

A professional photo can easily put you on the path to fulfilling a positive self-esteem in ways that you cannot imagine. Let us know how our services as a San Diego professional photographer can best illustrate the story of your family so you will have beautiful photos to display of the people you most cherish and to treasure them for a lifetime.

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  1. I love how these photos help inject personality, soul, and energy into these cute spaces! And these are such great tips for families thinking of ways to highlight their beautiful images!

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