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Sebastian’s Snoopy Cake Smash was a success! He did not care to eat his cake, but we were still able to capture some super cute photos of him smashing it!

Sometimes babies at this age are not too sure if they like cake or not because they probably have never really seen one before. Some Moms worry that their baby will get addicted to sugar as soon as they try their birthday cake. The reality is, 50% of babies won’t even get near the cake. Some will play with the cake and smash it! Others will just try a little taste and make cute funny faces. No matter what the outcome is, we are always able to capture sweet photos of your baby with the cute set up before and during the Cake Smash!! How cute does he look dressed up as Charlie Brown?

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Snoopy Cake Smash

Snoopy Cake Smash
Snoopy Cake Smash

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